Humbling Experience

Imagine moving to another country where the people do not look like you, talk like you, think like you, live like you, or eat like you. You try to eat their food, and it just doesn’t agree with you. As you begin to learn bits and pieces of their language, you try to put conversations together, but most of the time, it doesn’t make sense and you misunderstand what they are trying to say. They can’t understand your efforts to communicate either and laugh at your attempts. You came to preach the gospel, but you have trouble even initiating a conversation. It is a humbling experience. You feel so small and inadequate to do what God has called you to do.

This is what many missionaries experience during their first term of service on the field. Pray for new missionaries like Nick and Kyndra Moore in Zimbabwe. Pray that Nick and Kyndra will be patient with themselves and study every day so that the will soon be able to share the gospel and train believers in the local language.

Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

I miss my friends and family.  Please pray for my friends in Senegal and my family in America. AVA, age 7 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)

Pray for us if we have to move that God would provide all we need in the new place ALISON, age 12 (Central Asian peoples)

Pray for me to make friends in Africa real quick. Pray I will learn the language. Pray for the kids in Mozambique that they will stop worshiping Allah or the witch doctor. Pray that they would start following Jesus. Pray that we can tell Bible stories in their language about Jesus. ABI, age 6 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)


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